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Mother Modest brings ModernInnovative, and Cost-Effective solutions with hopes to encourage and support fellow mamas. Free Consultations, easy 30 day return/exchange policy,  Launched in 2017, Family Choice Awards Winner for 2017! 

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Our Nursing Slips are naturally absorbent, stretchy, and contoured fabric accessories used on their own or secured within the edges of most nursing bras for several Functional and Fashionable uses including:




Nursing slips secured within properly fitted nursing bras CONVERT your nursing bras into pumping bras (all 2nd Gen. slips). Some Moms have even been able to use them with their nursing tanks.

Breast Therapy


Nursing slips paired with heat/cold and water make for Multiple Therapy uses for Pumping/Breastfeeding women.

Add Hot Water to:
1. Help relieve mastitis/clogged ducts
2. Heat therapy can also encourage milk flow
3. Soothe Sore Breasts

Also try heating with water via hot iron, short increments with microwave(excluding lace), or towel steamer.

Add Water and Freeze to:
1. Relieve Engorgement

 Place over a bowl in freezer and check every 5 minutes.

Absorbency for Sweat/Milk

Catch let down spray, light milk loss, or under boob sweat!

Nursing slips absorb between 1/8 + 1/4 cup each

(size dependent)


Modernized Nursing Cover



For moms that desire coverage, nursing slips ELIMINATE the need for both nursing covers and discreet nursing apparel with the potential for $100's in savings!

Nursing Slips easily secure within your bra band/straps(B cup +) to cover up to 360 degrees of only the flesh of your breast. We suggest using with any bra that properly fits your breast. AKA- If your bra band does not even touch your body underneath your breasts it will not secure as intended. Please DO NOT breastfeed with a bra that is restricting to your breasts as this may cause painful mastitis.


Scratch Deterrent/Breast Protection


**Massaging moms breast is, both, natural and good for baby to do. It helps increase milk flow and minimize nursing problems.

Unfortunately, baby's sharp nails scratching and pinching sometimes cause a lot of pain, wounds, and even scars.

REMEMBER: Moms can try to keep baby's nails cut short.

Nursing slips are thin and allow baby to still push and prod the breast but protect the skin from nails. Some slips come in sensory prints that encourage baby to touch/massage. Some babies may try to pinch or pull the fabric, this is fine. If they pull on it, at least they are not pulling on you!


  • Sensory + Discreet

Discreet solid colors are simply meant to blend into your garments, sensory prints are exciting and interesting for babies to explore while bringing moms fun fashion!

  • Accommodates a Variety of Sized and Shaped Women


  • Encourages Moms to Feel Beautiful and Good About Themselves

In the abrupt changes that motherhood brings on, it is nice to have a fashionable accessory for mom to enjoy both before and after baby(aka sweat!) and it doesn't hurt that it will help with all the new changes too! *wink*



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