2nd Generation Nursing Slips ::: COMING SOON

2nd Generation Slip Features:

  • Thinner
  • More stretch, less fabric= more accommodating for unique shape and Areola exposure
  • Natural fibers= naturally absorbent and breathable
  • Exclusively 95% Cotton/5% Elastane/Lycra 
  • Sold in pairs=more bang for your buck
  • Beautifully paired solid fabrics with Sensory Upgrades
      • "Linked~Hearts" Lace Trim
      • Fashion Graphics

Sensory Lace nursing slip linking heartsSensory 2nd Generation Nursing Slip Black 2nd generation nursing slip basicGraphic Sensory 2nd Generation Nursing Slip cross


About US: Mother Modest believes all breastfeeding moms should feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. ❤️ We've created a "third option" modern "nursing cover" called a nursing slip. Nursing slips simply cover the flesh of the breast. (USPTO Patent Pending, 2016-2017)



Nursing Slip Features:


  • Completely adjustable coverage with a thin, stretchy, reversible, and contoured design to personalize areola access and accommodate unique shapes
  • Secures comfortably within edges of bra straps and bands. see FAQ
  • Made of naturally absorbent fibers
  • Comes in 3 primary sizes and 1 custom order size
  • Comes in a variety of pretties to encourage new moms to feel beautiful and good about themselves
  • Can be used to soothe sore breasts by freezing with water or adding hot warm. See how Here.
  • Baby can still massage breast either over or under the slip


Advantage Over Typical Nursing Coverage Methods:

  • Convenient-

No fighting with a cover while one handed, Nursing slips are already in place when ready to nurse in public.

  • Mama only coverage-

Baby's often get hot, uncomfortable, or simply refuse typical covers. Breastfeeding can still be a shared experience while mom doesn't feel completely exposed.

  • Mom exclusive fashion!!
  • Eliminates need for layers
  • Reduces the need for nursing only apparel-

Nursing Slips are great paired with any top access clothing.

  • lightweight and absorbent

Nursing slips are made of absorbent, breathable material including either cotton/spandex or silky soft rayon/spandex

  • Accommodates a variety of sizes and shaped women


For any questions about our product e-mail  julie@mothermodest.com, and/or visit www.mothermodest.com/pages/faq/




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