Invaluable Tips For Putting on Your Nursing Slip!

Tips for Putting on Your Nursing Slip!


While it is best to put on a nursing slip before you put your shirt on for the day, there are some tricks to simply put on a slip wherever you are!

For those of you who do not know, a Nursing Slip is known as a personal nursing cover. It covers just the flesh of the breast while being 100% adjustable with a free and stretchable center opening to expose the Areola (AKA nipple). The extra fabric is tucked comfortably and securely within the edges of most any nursing bra or nursing tank. (see demonstration below)

Nursing slip demonstration

TIP #1-

The easiest time to put on a slip is when getting dressed in the morning.

The reason it is best to place a nursing slip within your bra when getting ready in the morning is because there are no clothes to cover the sides of each breast (AKA your t-shirt or jacket). If you are wearing a nursing tank top then lucky you, this doesn't apply!

TIP #2  

Tuck the slip into the bottom of your bra first!

Tucking the slip into the bottom first makes the slip steady and ready for slight side adjustments.

 TIP #3

Have your bra strap down or undone when putting the slip on.

 When you have the strap down it allows you to visualize tucking the slip into, both, the bottom of your bra and sidestrap. You can also better visualize where the Areola access opening is going to be positioned.

 TIP #4

Start with the seams placed on the sides of each breast. 

The fit of the nursing slip slightly changes as you twist the seams from the sides towards the top/bottom of the breast. For many moms, having the seams of the sides, horizontally even, achieves the best fit. However, some prefer the slip slightly twisted to achieve a better fit. More narrow breasts may want it slightly twisted. (For tips on breast shape differences and nursing slip fit check out this blog post)


TIP #5

Tuck any extra fabric into bra band near cleavage point with index finger.

If your Slip is ever loose, especially while nursing, try tucking extra fabric under bra band near cleavage point with your index finger. For some women, especially with narrow breasts, the slips need to be tucked further along the bottom of the bra band to achieve a comfortable and secure fit. Tucking near the cleavage point extends the tuck distance further without starting placement all over! Also, try tucking further under bottom band near armpit for the same reasons!

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With these tips, you should become an expert at nursing slip placement. It will become second nature before you know it. Are there any other tips you've found? Comment and share below! Would you like a one-on-one sizing/placement consultation? e-mail us at  


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