Easy DIY Breast Pain Relief with Nursing Slip

Easy DIY Breast Pain Relief Through Temperature Therapy with your Nursing Slips

Steps below:

1. BEGIN by wetting each nursing slip.

 Nursing Slips are made of natural fiber making them great for absorption. 


2. Let the EXCESS water out of your slips.

Hold your slips straight up over your sink until the excess water stops dripping. 



3. Place on a clean surface within your freezer, either flat or on an upside down bowl.

4. Let freeze for roughly 30 minutes or until stiff. Pull the slips out and let them thaw slightly for 1-2 minutes! This will allow the fabric to be shaped easily for, both, your comfort and care of your Slip.

5. Gently place onto the bare breast. If too cold, place a piece of paper towel between fabric and flesh. 

TIP: Try setting your slip into a bucket of ice water until it has reached your desired temperature. It may not last as long this way but you will still have great, cooling, relief!



3. Loosely roll your Slip and wrap within a paper towel. 

4. Microwave for 10 seconds on power 5. Check the slip's temperature and place it in for increments of 8 seconds on power 5, if necessary. Do not over heat!

TIP: You may also pour warm water directly onto the slip and wring out for a similar effect! Do not pour boiling water onto the slip.


5. Gently place on breast for warm, soothing relief. Remember to double check if the temperature is too hot before placing on the sensitive skin of your breast!

Nursing Slips are great as a sensory and fun modernized "nursing cover" but their absorbency and pain relief abilities are lifesavers too! SHARE if you found this useful!

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