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I love the covers! They are so comfy and i love the modesty they give me.

Jessica Watrous; Fort Worth, TX

My daughter would scream and cry under a cover. Sweat and just be miserable. And the looks i got when i couldnt take it anymore and breastfed out in the open, saddening. I often was stuck in the car or bathroom or in a corner somewhere. That is not fair! I told myself with my new baby on his way i would not go out of my way to make people feel comfortable with something so natural and beautiful. But this is making me feel so much better. Being discreet but allowing my son to be as comfortable as possible. Thank you so so so much for thinking about us mommies and helping our babies and making breastfeeding so comfortable for everyone! You truly are life savers! I have gotten my mommy friends to order and pre order and i know more orders from me.

Kristina; Tucson, AZ

I like the fabric. They feel like I don't have anything on.

Bianca; Denison, TX

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